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Please note

The REST API documentation below applies to versions 6.0 and above. If you're using an earlier version (such as 5.8) please refer to the Sisense V5 documentation.


What is the Sisense "REST" API?

Sisense provides advanced users and developers a RESTful web API to most of its server functionalities, from user management to manipulating dashboards & widgets.

A web API can be used in several ways which we will discuss below.

What can I use the Sisense API for?

There are plenty of possible uses, but let's outline the central ones with some examples:

  • Use Sisense data in your application or website
    For example: you could implement a widget in your own corporate website that takes data from Sisense using the JSON Analytical Query Language (JAQL) or standard SQL and the query API.
  • Automate a process
    For example: you could write a script that adds multiple users from a CSV file, using the users API.
  • Implement your own UI on top of Sisense
    For example: you could develop an elaborate dashboard navigation page to function as a "home page" for your organization, using the dashboards API.

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