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API Versioning

Starting from Sisense 6.0, the REST API supports versioning, with the existing endpoints classified as API v0.9 and the new endpoints classified as API v1.0.

(warning) These changes will not break existing scripts and applications using the API. You can use either endpoint or both endpoints simultaneously.

API Versions

API v0.9

Includes all the endpoints you're familiar with from versions prior to Sisense 6.

These endpoints remain functional in version 6, so your scripts and apps using the API won't break.

For the API v0.9 reference, click here.

API v1.0

Includes new and improved endpoints introduced in Sisense 6 onward.

Please note that the base URL for these endpoints is different: /api/v1

For the API v1.0 reference, click here.

API v2.0

(warning) Currently available only on Sisense for Linux, version L8.0.2 or higher

Includes the new Datamodels API to create, modify and build Datamodels (Elasticube / Live)

Please note that the base URL for these endpoints is different: /api/v2

For the API v2.0 reference, click here.

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