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Use the REST API to perform many of the tasks available from the web interface, as well as additional advanced tasks.

Some of the tasks that you can perform using the REST API include:

  • User management: Add and update users and user groups, and change default permissions for user roles.
  • ElastiCube and Metadata management: Review and update metadata and security settings in your ElastiCube server.
  • Branding: Customize the Sisense default look with your own logos, texts, and emails.
  • Palettes: Create and update color palettes for your dashboards.

You can use the API as follows:

  • Use the built-in API visualization tool, and execute direct API calls from your browser to your dashboards.
  • Call the API from outside the Sisense web environment, using your own development environment.  For example, you can create a python script that will add Sisense users in bulk. To call the API, you will need a security token.

Click on a topic below to see more.

Visit our REST API user forums for more examples.


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